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How Much Money Can You Make Trading Forex?

Published On September 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered why forex traders trade so often?

Traders often enjoy what they do when trading. They like how they can trade currencies and find different choices on the market that interest them the most. They also get excited when they find forex trading strategies that fit their needs.

But the real reason why so many people enter the field is that they know how profitable it can be when they make it work right. You’ve got a real potential to make a significant amount of money trading forex if you know what works.

Can You Get Rich When You Trade the Forex Market?

You might be asking us whether you can make a fortune when trading on the forex market. You have likely heard stories about how people who invest $1,000 in the forex market can make $2,000 or more each month in the market after a year. That number could keep rising if you’re successful enough and find a suitable strategy for your needs.

You can indeed get rich on the forex market, but it’s not as easy for you to do as you might expect. Your efforts for going forward in the forex market are critical to your potential to succeed in the field.

How Can You Turn $10,000 Into $100,000?

You could take your initial investment and multiply it by ten times in a year when you’re in the forex market. It’s like gambling, except you’re not basing everything on luck. You’re instead basing your work on a strategy for trading. You’ll look at how the market is moving and figure out the right investment opportunities that you will enjoy.

It will take a while for you to turn $10,000 to $100,000. But it can work if you look carefully at what’s happening on the market and what you might expect from an investment opportunity.

How Can You Turn $10,000 Into $1 Million?

You could also go all-in with a single trade. You could spend $10,000 on a single trade and potentially double that total after a while.

You’ll have $20,000 after doubling your initial investment. You could then invest that $20,000 on another trade and double it to $40,000. You can keep on going by doubling your money on each investment, going to $80,000 and then $160,000, eventually reaching $1.28 million if you keep on doubling your funds.

But while this might sound exciting, it isn’t always as easy to manage as you might expect. You’d have to look at your strategy for trading and review the market well to ensure you can find something of value.

You could get lucky and turn your $10,000 into $1 million if you have a sensible strategy for work. It will take plenty of effort, and there’s no guarantee this will work. But we want you to know that it is possible to get there if you know what works. You’ll need to take your time getting to that threshold, but it is possible.

What Can You Make When Trading Forex?

Safe Trading

The best way you can earn money on the forex market involves looking at how you’re going to start. You can begin trading by focusing on a safe approach for work. You could risk about 1 to 3 percent of your bankroll on a trade. For example, if you have $10,000 for investing, you can spend up to $300 on a single trade.

With that 3 percent risk, you might win $600 if you double your money. But you will lose $300 if you are unsuccessful in your trade. The total is minimal when compared with the rest of your bankroll, making it a safe approach for trading you can trust.

A safe approach can also ensure you’ll stay in control of your bankroll. For example, you might have a win rate of 50% on your trades. You’re doubling your investment on half of them, but you lose it all on the others.

In this example, you could win ten of twenty trades of $300 each. You’ll lose $3,000 on those losing trades, but you will earn $6,000 on the winning ones.

From the twenty trades, you will make a profit of $3,000.  Your capital will go from $10,000 to $13,000 after enough time. You could start investing more money in your trades if you stick with the 3 percent mark. 3 percent of $13,000 is $390, providing a greater investment opportunity.

Eventually, you can build on your portfolio if you keep making trades are remain successful with a 50% win rate. You can continue expanding your 3 percent investments to where you could end up spending $1,000 or more. You could reach the $100,000 mark after a while.

Now let’s say that you have a win rate of 40%, as you would win only four of every ten trades. Let’s also suppose you are sticking with ten trades a month instead of twenty.

Since you’re losing six trades of $300 each, you are losing $1,800 while winning $2,400 on those four trades. You’re getting a $60 profit, bringing your capital to $10,600. You can spend $318 on your next trade if you stick with the 3 percent limit.

It will take longer for you to get to the $100,000 mark if you have a win rate of 40% and handle ten trades a month than if you had a 50% rate with twenty monthly trades. But you can still turn your funds into $1 million in a few years with enough persistence and consistency.

Compounding will make a difference when you’re trading on the forex market. Compounding gives you the potential to make money and spend more on trades giving you a better profit. But the work should entail a rational strategy that helps you win more of your trades.

Can You Make a Living on the Forex Market?

We recognize there’s potential for you to hit it big on the forex market. But it’s not always easy for you to make money trading here. Only about 10 percent of traders will make money in the forex field, and many will bail from the market after two years on average.

There’s a reason why so many people fail when trading the forex market. They don’t have the discipline necessary to be successful. They want to get rich, but they’re not willing to put in the hard work and effort to get there.

The people who live on the forex market are the ones that spend more time in the field. They study how it works, they review news and stories about how currencies can change, and they focus heavily on understanding how the market shifts and where it can move. Experienced traders recognize the many things that can influence the market and what people should expect when finding good deals.

A Final Thought About the Field

We’ve seen many traders come and go on the forex market in the past twenty years. Some people have thrived and succeeded, while others have outright failed.

We feel that the best way for you to succeed is to avoid the mindset of thinking you will make a fortune out of a small amount of money. While it is possible, that doesn’t mean it will happen.

Forex trading is about learning how the market works and seeing what you can expect from the field. Instead of thinking about what you could get, start looking at how you can control your work. You’ll be more successful when you look at how the market runs and what strategies can work.

Practice is necessary when looking at what can happen with the forex market. It takes a while to master the market and recognize the strategies you’ll benefit from the most. But you’ll benefit from the work when you look at how you’re trading, and you recognize what works.

The best rule for entering the forex field is to watch for how much you spend at the start. Spend your time at the start looking at how the market functions. Practice different trading strategies to see what works well for you. You can spend about six to twelve months figuring out what works when trading. You can use this plan to figure out where you should go, plus you can eventually put in more capital after you become familiar with the field and you know where you’ll go with your trades.

No one is ever an expert in anything at the start. It takes practice and time to go somewhere. Proper preparation and training will help you go forward with your work. You can look at your strengths and weaknesses and then find ways to boost your skills to where you’ll have more success in the market.

Forex trading takes effort and can be challenging. But it will be one of the most worthwhile fields to enter if you know where you’re going with your work. You will succeed when you recognize where you’re going and what you will do in the field.


How much can a forex trader earn in one day?

There’s no set value for how much a forex trader can make in a day. A trader could take a few positions that last for an entire day. That person could also complete multiple one-minute trades in a strategy called scalping.

You could review your potential for earning based on your win rate, the risk-reward ratio, your risk percentage, and your capital.

For example, if you have a 60% win rate, that means you will win six out of ten trades. Meanwhile, the risk-reward ratio could be 1:2, meaning you are risking your investment to potentially double that amount.

Your risk percentage could also be 2 percent. If you have $10,000 of capital, your risk per trade would be $200. The total is small enough to where you can afford to invest in something, although you will require more money if you’re trying to get the most significant profits.

In this example, the four losses would result in a loss of $800. But the six wins with a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 will result in a gain of $2,400. You’re earning a profit of $1,600 at this point.

The total you’ll earn will vary surrounding the trading style you use. You can complete a different amount of trades each day or week, so look at how well you’ll find something of value and something you’re comfortable in managing.

How much do you have to invest in the forex market if you’re going to make a living trading here?

You can review how much you could make in a month by looking at your win rate, risk percentage, risk-reward ratio, and how many trades you’ll make in a month. Look at your general living expenses each month to see how much capital you’ll need to cover those expenses.

Is it possible for you to make a living in day trading on the forex market?

You could make a living as a day trader if you review the size of your risk-reward ratio for your investing needs. The risk-reward ratio is traditionally 1:2, but you could also take a 1:15 or 1:25 trade that in the forex market is called a bonus.

For example, if you were to complete a trade with a risk percentage of 3 percent and a risk-reward ratio of 1:25, you would earn a 75% gain on your capital if the trade succeeds. A person with a capital of $10,000 will make a profit of $7,500 on that trade.

You’ll have more success in the forex market if you look at how the field works and what you can expect from the effort. Be certain when trading on the forex market that you recognize where you’re going and that you have a suitable plan for how you’re going to complete your trades. Your efforts for trading will be more successful when you recognize how the field works, and you have a plan for making your trades fit well.