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Lesson 16

  1. Tweezer Bottoms and Tops

Tweezer Bottoms and Tops:

module 4 - image 12

Tweezers are a two-part candlestick pattern. After a long up or downtrend, this type of candlestick formation is most commonly seen. It points to a possible reversal in the near future. This is how the Tweezers appear.

Tweezers with the best results have the following characteristics:

Tweezer was the first to catch on to the Trend. When the market is rising, the first Tweezer must be bullish (green).

Tweezer 2 is the polar opposite of the current Trend. The second Tweezer must be Bearish when prices are rising (red).

The Tweezers’ shadows must all be the same length. Tweezer tops must have the same highs as Tweezer bottoms, and Tweezer bottoms must have the same lows.

Tweezer bottoms and tops usually indicate a high likelihood of a Price Action reversal. It’s possible to find it in a variety of time frames. This formation is just as powerful as the Shooting Start because it shows that the price attempted to move up twice, but the move was rejected. Overall, this is a positive sign of Resistance.

module 4 - image 13
  1. Marubozu

The Marubozu is a Japanese word. There are no shadows on the bodies of Marubozu candlesticks. The high/low is actually the same price as the open and close of the market, depending on if the market is Bullish or Bearish. As the level progresses, the Bullish/green Marubozu takes on the appearance of a long green body with no shadows (TOP). The Bulls/Buyers were in complete control, making this candlestick extremely profitable — usually the start of a bullish trend or reversal pattern.

Toward the end of the level, the Bearish/red Marubozu will have a long red body with no shadows (DOWN).

This is a very Bearish candlestick because it indicates that the Bears/Sellers had complete control of the market. The majority of the time, the Trend or reversal was Bearish.

module 4 - image 14

The Bullish/Bearish Marubozu movement will be stronger the longer your time frame is. Weekly and daily time frames are recommended because they provide a strong indication of the future impulse of a specific Price Action movement. This will most likely be in the Marubozu candlestick formation’s direction.