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Lesson 19

    1. The Candlestick Formation on the Inside
    IMAGE OF THE INNER CANDLESTICK FORMULASTwo candlesticks make up the Inside Bar formation. The Second Candle is entirely obscured by the first candlestick’s shadow (also known as Mother Candle). Price Action traders should take advantage of this formation.Because a smaller Stop-loss is required compared to many other formations, this will give you an excellent risk-reward ratio.The Inside Candlestick formation denotes a period of indecisiveness or consolidation. Inside Candlesticks usually appear after a significant upward or downward market movement. They can also happen at market turning points and critical decision points such as key support and resistance levels.The best way to trade successfully with the Inside Candlestick setup is to indicate the first Mother Candle’s highs and lows. The market will most likely break through the high or low and continue in this direction.module 4 - image 19image 20 - module 4So, in this Price Action pattern, the best way to trade is to place a buy stop order 5 PIPs above the Mother Candlestick’s high shadow or a sell stop order 5 PIPs below the Mother Candlestick’s low shadow.The Stop-Loss must be placed on the Mother’s opposite side. So that’s 15 PIPs. When the price skyrockets, you’ll be there with floor seat tickets! When the market suddenly reverses, cancel the other stop as a precaution. Create your target levels based on your previous Support/Resistance levels.Drawing a marked box from the upper and lower shadows of the Mother Candle is the first step in recognizing the Inside Candlestick Formation. This has to be extremely precise.To deal with the reversal, brilliant formations to trade at key Support and Resistance levels. It’s time to move down to the lower time frames and set up your trade now that you’ve marked the formation with your rectangle tool!At the daily time frame, the best Inside Candlestick Formations can be found. 
    1. Summary of the Module: Price Action Candlesticks
    Price Action Candlesticks in Context:As we mentioned when we first introduced you to candlestick formations, there are many more than we’ve just covered. For your convenience, we’ve clarified the most useful and common formations. The formations we’ve been discussing have the best chance of resulting in a profitable trade.Keep in mind that using these candlestick formations in conjunction with other technical strategies will yield better results.Combine them with chart patterns like Fibonacci and Support and Resistance, for example. The candlestick formations can then become extremely powerful. When it comes to deciding when to exit a trade, candlestick formations are crucial. Continue to learn! Practice makes you perfect, and the more you use and remember all the candlestick formations, the easier it will become.
    1. The Different shades of the “Doji.”
    2. The Spinning Top
    3. The Formation of the Hanging man
    4. The-Hammer (A.K.A. Pin-bar)
    5. The Shooting Star
    6. Tweezers: Tops and Bottoms of Tweezer
    7. Marubozu
    8. The Bearish and Bullish Engulfing formations
    9. The Evening Star and Morning Star formations
    10. The Inside-Bar Formation