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MODULE 2: Lesson 2

  1. Draw Support and Resistance Lines

If you start outlining Resistance and Support lines, it is always advisable to begin by looking at the line charts. From our experience, we know that the right points can be found out the quickest and most precisely by yourself.

Step 1.

You have to change your charts into line charts. we often use the H4 or the H1 time frames.

Step 2.

Locate the best and correct points to draw your resistance and support lines.

Have you seen or noticed all those touches against the resistance and Support lines? If it happens more against the lines, then you have definitely drawn your lines accurately.

Step 3.

Now, the Candlesticks charts are switched back.

Now, it is certain we have well-drawn Resistance and Support lines. In the following topic, the zones that will give us more clarity will be talked about.

Optional Assignment

A homework is here that you can partake in. You can submit your
implementations. We will check out how you did your lines and give feedback.

Draw up two charts with Resistance and Support lines. Between the two, insert a
screenshot of the candlestick chart and a screenshot of the line charts.
All the best!