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MODULE 2: Lesson 5 Copy

  1. Draw RBS and SBR Levels

Full Resistance becomes Support in RBS, and Support becomes Resistance in SBR. On the charts, you’ll notice that the price, for example, breaks through resistance. The price may then rise all at once, but it is more common to see the price return to the resistance line and first tap it before rising all the way up. What has happened is that the resistance level has now turned into a support level. This is a song that can be found all over the charts.

How do we find RBS SBR levels?

Step 1:

We’ll start with the line chart once more.

Step 2:

We’ll look for our support and resistance levels first. RBS and SBR levels are frequently found in the middle of the chart, especially in the middle of the chart.

Step 3:

Let’s return to the candlestick charts. There, we can double-check if everything is correct!

We’ve also discovered our SBR; RBS levels. A short video about how we find and draw the SBR and RBS levels can be found below.

Optional Assignment

Homework assignment:
There is also a homework assignment associated with this topic. Send five print screens
of a chart with the RBS and SBR levels adequately indicated. Best of luck!