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Privacy Policy

We at Wallstreet Forex (referred to here as the “Company”) and our parent company Wallstreet Trade & General Services Ltd., understand and respect the privacy needs that its Users hold on www.wallstreeEorex.net (the “Site”). The Company has prepared this privacy policy to discuss what the website gathers from its Users and through any applicaHons that links to the plaEorm.

Visit Terms to review the Terms of Use for this Site.

Use of Information

The Company will not collect any idenHfiable informaHon about yourself while you are on the Site. These include details like your name, physical address, or email address. Any instances where the Company will record your idenHfiable informaHon will be in cases where you voluntarily provide the data if you wish.

The Company’s online services will collect non-personal informaHon on you during your visit to the Site. These include points like the browser you are using, the operaHng system you have, and your IP address. These details are used to help us boost your experience while online.

You have the opHon to voluntarily provide data to the Company through the Site’s mailing lists, registraHon forms, and other methods of communicaHon. These include opHons that require you to provide us your contact informaHon, including your physical or email address and any demographic details about yourself. The Company will only use this data for general business interests, including for efforts to improve upon how the company offers its products and services. The data may also be uHlized to help influence the features included on the website.

We may also share these non-idenHfiable details we collect with our partners as necessary. We will not sell or lease any personally idenHfiable data to any third-party organizaHon.

We can use your contact info to provide details on our latest products and any offerings or updates surrounding our work. You can provide your permission for this, plus you have the opHon to opt out of future messages as necessary. The Company will not store credit card informaHon or billing data for reasons other than to facilitate a transacHon. The User has the opHon to authorize cases where we could potenHally keep the data on hand.

All data that the Company requests will be essenHal to ensuring the User can receive the services one requests. The User does not have to provide this data for non-essenHal purposes unless that customer wishes for this point. The Company will not restrict the availability or funcHonality of its services in cases where someone doesn’t wish to provide this data.

You can contact us at info@wallstreeEorex.net if you want to know more informaHon on what Personal Data will be necessary for certain transacHons.

The Company can send user informaHon to other parHes in cases where we feel that the info is necessary for helping idenHfy or impose legal acHon against a person who might be intenHonally or unintenHonally using the Company’s Site and services for malicious purposes.

Children 15 Years of Age or Younger

The Company is commiXed to protecHng the idenHHes and details of children 15 years of age or younger. All children 15 years or under should not provide any personal informa7on to the Company or Site.

We at Wallstreet Forex encourage parents and guardians to monitor their kids’ online acHviHes. We recommend that parents and responsible adults teach their kids how to manage proper online eHqueXe, including ensuring one never provides personal informaHon online unless a parent or guardian offers supervision. We also encourage parents to review privacy policies for all websites to understand how their kids’ informaHon is managed.

Malware, Spyware, and Viruses

The Company and Site do not knowingly allow the use of malware, viruses, spyware, or any other malicious so[ware programs.

Links to External Sites

The Company does not hold responsibility for any content or acHons on any third-party websites that link to the Site. We are also not responsible for the content you share with these third-party operators. Check the privacy policies and efforts for each of these sites before aXempHng to provide any informaHon.

Bulletin Boards and Chat Areas

Visitors here can post messages on the Company’s bulleHn boards, chat areas, and other forums available. But these Users are the only ones responsible for the content of what they post. All Users must recognize that when they voluntarily supply their personal informaHon on these forums, their info could be collected by others and used to produce unsolicited messages. Be cauHous when using these features.


The Site may offer an opHon to opt into email communicaHons. You will have to supply info about yourself to us to opt into the email club.

You also have the choice to leave that email club at any point if you no longer want to receive any noHficaHons. Be sure to follow the rules within the email communicaHons you receive if you wish to get off of the mailing list.

For cases where you cannot complete any instrucHons in these communicaHons, email us at info@wallstreeEorex.net and provide a copy of the email you don’t want. You must also state that you want to get off of the email list.

Contact Information for Complaints or Concerns

You can contact us through one of these two methods if you have concerns surrounding this privacy statement or the Company:

• Emailinfo@wallstreeEorex.net
• Tradi7onal Mail – Wallstreet Forex : 1st Floor, Downtown Mall, Ikenegbu, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria.

All info you provide through an email to the Company will be used solely to respond to any quesHons or comments you have. We will not share your email with any third-party groups.


Although we at Wallstreet Forex work our hardest to ensure the security of all parHes and to ensure all idenHfiable informaHon stays safe, we cannot guarantee that all data transmissions will remain secure. You will provide informaHon to us at your own risk.


The Data the Company collects will be processed at its operaHng offices and other places where the groups that handle the processing of such Data are located. The data transfers may entail moving the User’s Data to another country. Check the secHon surrounding how Personal Data is processed for details on where the content is moving and how it funcHons. You are encouraged to learn about the legal standards for data transfers in countries outside the European Union. All countries have different standards surrounding how data works and how it runs, so look to see what can happen in varying countries. You can contact the Company at info@wallstreeEorex.net for more details on the situaHon at hand.

Retention Time

All Personal Data should be processed and stored for as long as necessary based on the need for the content. For example, Personal Data necessary for execuHng a contract between the User and the Company will be held unHl the contract is complete. Meanwhile, Personal Data used for the Company’s general interests may be used for as long as necessary to complete these purposes. Contact the Company for details on any relevant concerns you may have surrounding how your data is managed.

The Company can also hold a User’s Personal Data for longer if the User provides consent. The User can withdraw one’s consent at any moment.

The Company can also hold the Personal Data even longer if an authority holds a legal obligaHon.

The Site will remove all Personal Data a[er the retenHon ends. The right to access, erase, and transmit data cannot be executed a[er the retenHon period ends.

The Rights of Users

The Users of the service can execute rights surrounding the Data as it is managed by the Company. The Users have the following rights:

1. Withdrawal of Consent – The user can withdraw one’s consent for using Personal Data at any moment, even a[er that person gave one’s consent for using this data.
2. Refuse the Processing of Data – A user can ask that one’s Data is not uHlized in cases where the processing operates for a legal purpose outside one’s consent.
3. Access of Data – A user should be aware of when the Company processes Data. Users can receive disclosure surrounding many parts of the processing efforts.
4. Confirm the Accuracy – The User should have the right to confirm the accuracy of one’s data. That User can also request updates or correcHons to the content as necessary.
5. Restric7on of Processing Data – A user can ask the Company to restrict how one’s data is processed. The User can ask to keep their Data protected to where it only works for storage purposes.
6. Deletion – A user can ask for one’s Data to be deleted from the Company if necessary.
7. Transfer Data to Another Party – There may be cases where a User needs to transfer one’s data to someone else. A User should be given the right to move this content as necessary with the Company not aXempHng to restrict this effort. The Data should be managed through automated methods, plus the processing must work based on the User’s consent or through a contract that the User supports.
8. Issue Complaints – Users can issue complaints on how their data is being managed if they have concerns over the content.

Details About the Right to Object to Processing

A User can object to having one’s Data being processed in cases where the Personal Data is being processed for pubic needs. The User may provide reasoning for their dispute surrounding the objecHon one holds for handling data.

For cases where the User’s Personal Data is being processed for direct markeHng needs, the User can object to the processing. The User doesn’t have to jusHfy one’s objecHon to use this point. Refer to the proper segments of this Privacy Policy for details on how the Company can manage Personal Data and use it for direct markeHng intenHons.

How to Exercise These Rights

A User can request to exercise one’s rights by using the contact details listed in this Privacy Policy. The User can do this at no added cost, plus the Company will review these details as early as possible when possible.

Additional Information About Data Collection and Processing Legal Action

Personal Data can be uHlized by the Company in courtroom selngs or other efforts surrounding potenHal legal acHons. These include acHons coming from the improper use of the Services or other offerings the Company provides. The User must be aware that the Company can provide idenHfying data based on a public authority’s inquest.

Additional Information About User’s Personal Data

The Company and all applicaHons associated with the Company should provide contextual details on Services and Personal Data collecHon to the Users. The addiHonal informaHon can help the User understand how one’s Personal Data will be managed in many forms.

System Logs and Maintenance

The Company and all affiliated parHes can collect interacHon data through system logs and the User’s IP address for operaHonal and maintenance purposes.

Information Not Contained In This Policy

You can request points on the collecHon or processing of Personal Data from the Company at any point. Refer to the contact data listed here to see who to consult.


You will accept all terms listed in this Privacy Policy if you wish to use the Site. We ask that you do not use this Site if you do not agree to the terms here.

Our Privacy Policy may be updated at Hmes. Check this page on occasion to see what terms might have changed and how they may be relevant to you.

For cases where the Privacy Policy changes impact processing efforts surrounding consent, the Company will need to collect new consent from the User. This point is for cases where it is necessary for work.